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Barter Card Payment Rules:

Bookings to be made in advance or over the Counter before the Food is ordered.
The Remuera Local Café reserves the right to refuse the payment on Barter Card if the
bookings are not made in advance. Customers would then have to make the payment in
Cash/Debit or Credit Card.
Payment will not be accepted on Barter Card if the customer presents the card over the
counter after having the meals and if the bookings are not made in advance.
Only Food items and Non-alcoholic beverages will be sold on Bar Card. This includes Cabinet
Food and Menu Food items.
No Alcoholic Beverages / Bar Services will be available on Barter Card payment.
Bartercard should be presented over the counter and the payment can be payment either
by Barter Card or by using Barter Card App.

Customers to fill in Barter Card details form below -

Thanks for submitting!
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